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One current application with our characters and Wild West themes offers a much needed opportunity to teach gun safety to today's youth with animations, games, books and cartoons.
The Adventures of Billy the Kitty and Dog Holiday

The American west is full of iconic characters whose lives and exploits fascinate audiences to this day. Join us as we journey through the old west, following the adventures of the heroes and villains of the times re-envisioned as animal characters.

This animated series or feature has broad, cross cultural audience appeal. Billy and Dog are the protagonists whose lives and exploits are constantly butting up against the evil sheriff – Cat Garrett- and his ne’er do well henchmen Chicken Boy Roy, Black Bark and Pig Pizarro.

Billy and Dog strive to right the wrongs committed by the powers that be and are joined by their own group of rowdy, roustabouts – Bat Masterson, Wild Bird Hickock and Annie Oinkley, to mention a few.

There are also the love interests and powerful female characters – Miss Kitty, Paulita Gatita Maxwell and Celsa Gata – bringing good sense to the fray when all else may seem beyond hope. 

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