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John Fernando

Chief Executive officer

John is a native of New Mexico where he has resided for the past 40 years. Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Northeastern New Mexico, he was raised being very accustomed to livestock and working long hard hours doing physically demanding labor. These two components prompted his interests in physical education and history. In 1999 John received his Masters degree with a double major in History and Physical education from New Mexico Highlands University. He has been a History and P. E. teacher for the past 15 years at several school districts in New Mexico. His combined experiences on the ranch coupled with his love of History of the old west have allowed him to develop and create the iconic cartoon characters and story lines for "The Adventures of Billy the Kitty and Dog Holliday".  This product line was the catalyst in launching Dream Ranch Productions where he helps other product creators achieve their dreams.

Tim Aydelott

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Aydelott has 25 years of experience writing, directing and producing documentaries and exhibit videos, and working with tribal and rural communities. His unique combination of education, skills and experiences; and longstanding relationships with researchers/natural resource managers/tribal and rural community leaders make him the ideal professional for a multitude of documentary projects. Tim has received three Emmy nominations for his work on the films, Earthshaker and Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires, and Landscapes of Enchantment. In 2009 he received an Emmy Award for his film Desert Reef.  Tim is the Director and Executive Producer of Valles Caldera: The Science, a one-hour PBS documentary about the Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico. This environmental documentary won 2 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards for Best Documentary - Topical and Best Photography. In addition, he is Director and Executive Producer of a 5-year global geology series with ExxonMobil: Famous Outcrops Where Geology Lessons are Learned. 

Jon Tedesco

Business Development

Jon was born into a printing family and began his career as a technical illustrator and graphic designer. He has been an advertising executive for over 40 years and filled roles as creative director, partner and then principle in his own advertising, marketing, PR and design firms based in Miami and the San Francisco Bay Area. Jon is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and product designer who has developed a unique joint venture marketing and business development model of working with selective clients where he shares in the risks and rewards of their success. This has enabled him to gain an invaluable inside working knowledge of what it really takes to launch, operate, grow, merge or sell a business. He has helped launch over 100 companies in the hi-tech, consumer products, real estate, packaged goods, service, automotive and non-profit sectors and is uniquely qualified as a board member and business coach.

Marc Noreikas


Marc Noreikas is a professional illustrator that has been working in the industry for over ten years. Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he has applied his talents  to a variety of projects, from concept and character  design to children’s books and murals. Marc lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, cat and an abundance of art supplies. 

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