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The Hipster and the Wolf

An animated series directed by Peter Walker

A technology obsessed Hipster who works for a Virtual Reality company gets humbled by raw nature and meets a cast of characters along the way before his big showdown with the Wolf.


Each episode will feature a breakthrough development in virtual reality technology and will force the characters to make dramatic decisions which might alter the course of history.

While they are pioneering new virtual worlds they also have exciting adventures in the real world. The characters are navigating their love lives in the age of online dating and the results are highly unpredictable! And to add pressure to the cooker, the Wolf is always watching...

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PW Arkane
PW Vladamir Markov
PW Outlaw
PW The Darkness

ARCANE - Once a marine special forces operative named Anthony Smith, Arcane realized the corruption of his own nation’s government. The marine lost his faith in the power of world leaders and governmental control and after faking his own death in a failed assault on a terrorist organization, the former marine went rogue and began hiring himself out as an assassin to small time buyers who were tired of governmental influence. Arcane started off by taking out small political leaders and moved up to taking down warlords in different countries. Soon he earned a reputation and became a high-profile assassin who hired himself out to other nations to take out high ranking targets and government officials. Arcane’s long-term goal is to rid the world of governmental control and dawn a new era of freedom for the world.

VLADAMIR MARKOV - Former member of the Russian Soviet Union, Vladimir Markov was an engineer during the Cold War as a nuclear weapons designer. He came up with an innovative design for a bomb far more powerful that anything the world has ever seen. During a lab accident, his arms got radiation burns beyond saving. His arms were forced to be amputated and he started to drown if a wave of depression. Vladimir was given experimental prosthetic arms far beyond modern technology in exchange for the weapon design he made during his time in the Soviet Union. Markov turned against his military after refusing to give up his weapon. Vladimir turned to a life of crime as a weapons dealer and is doing this as a method of funding the creation of his nuclear warhead that has the potential to eliminate and entire continent. He has always seeked to be the best and his goal is to take control of Russia to show the world who is the truly dominant power in the planet.

OUTLAW - Once a young boy with dreams of being a cowboy, Charlie Hues took it to a new level when he started playing the bad guy of his own western story. Charlie had taken to a life of crime when he became an adult and started robbing banks in real life, escaping in non-traditional methods such as by horse or dug up tunnels. Charlie loved the thrill that crime gave him and became known as a modern-day outlaw. Using twin six-shooters in all his heists is one of the many things that sell his appearance when he dressed up as a real outlaw decked out in a cowboy hat and coat. Charlie was labeled as mentally insane by doctors when he was first caught because he now believes he is a real outlaw and that his alter ego, Charlie Hues, is gone.

THE DARKNESS - A unusual entity that can be seen as a form of boogeyman, The Darkness is a nightmare inducing spirit that gives children and adults severe frights in their sleep. He literally feeds off the fear of others and once he has enough of it, The Darkness can take on a physical form and drag away his victims, never to be seen again. As far as their fates go, The darkness uses them to drive fear into their loved ones who lost them. This entity has no real goal, he just gives people fear for the fun of it which is what makes him such a sick creature to face in your sleep. As far as a weakness goes he has none that can destroy him, but the best way to keep him away is to simply not show fear.

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